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Welcome to Ceylon Gap Feeders.

Welcome to Ceylon Gap Feeders, a feedlot in southeast Saskatchewan. Located near the village of Ceylon, this 24,000-head cattle feeding operation has been in existence for nearly 15 years.

Run by a committed ownership group, CGF is committed to producing quality beef cattle that is sold into domestic and international supply chains.

At CGF, we are equally passionate about the people who work tirelessly to make the feedlot what it is today as we are about the animals we raise with the highest standards of animal welfare.

Every day, we are proud to prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that Canadian beef maintains its worldwide reputation and standard of excellence.


Team members with boots on the ground


Around the clock herd monitoring, and an on-call vet


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Ceylon, Saskatchewan

We love our province and our community and hope you’ll come visit us soon. Click the map for directions

The staff at CGF believe that strong people make strong communities. It’s the reason they actively support Ceylon and surrounding areas through various community outreach and participation.

While Ceylon may be small, CGF tries its best to employ local people to work directly and indirectly for the feedlot. Our employees help to make up the fabric of the community and we look forward to more opportunities to grow our feedlot, farm and support the local community.

CGF regularly purchases steers from the local 4-H club and sponsors a number of area sports teams, and fishing derbies as well as the annual rodeo, one of the community’s largest events of the year.

If you have an event that you believe would be of interest to CGF, please contact us.

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Many hands make light work.

Ceylon Gap Feeders (CGF) is owned and operated by five Alberta-based feedlot owners who collectively share more than 120 years of industry experience managing more than 100,000 head of cattle. The Ceylon feedlot has been in existence since 2005, but was sold and rebranded in 2016 with the current ownership group.

The staff at CGF believe in a quality product more than simply producing numbers. To that end, they have taken many steps to improve the feedlot’s overall system, from processing to shipping and everything in between.

There are many men and women who make CGF run smoothly every day, making the atmosphere very team-driven. Click on one of the bios below to learn more about the people who work hard daily at CGF to create quality beef for the Canadian value chain.

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