About Us

Ceylon Gap Feeders (CGF) began in 2016 when five business partners purchased a feedlot that was up for sale in Ceylon, Sask. The feedlot has been in operation in Ceylon since 2005.

The purchase of the 12,000-head feedlot was completed in September 2016. Shortly after, the staff at CGF began to make updates and investments into the feedlot. Development was always in the cards for CGF and by the winter of 2018, a successful expansion to 20,000 head was complete.

With the expanded beef herd, staff at CGF now work year-round, having successfully transitioned from a backgrounding operation to finishing cattle. The group also rebuilt its office space, purchased new equipment and invested into its employees.

The staff at CGF are deeply committed to the local community of Ceylon and surrounding areas. With 28 full-time and part-time employees, CGF is one of the largest employers in the Rural Municipality.

CGF maintains a farm of approximately 5,000 acres, through consistent expansion since September 2016. All the land is within 25 kilometres of the CGF feedlot. Annually, CGF dedicates all their acres to silage crops and purchase from neighbours what they cannot grow themselves.

The owners at CGF believes in progressive, forward-thinking feeding to benefit themselves as well as the industry at large. The feedlot represents what can happen when determined men and women come together, see challenges as opportunities and value everyone’s contributions equally.