Animal Health Management

Phil Klassen

Phil Klassen is a consulting veterinarian with Ceylon Gap Feeders and the Allied Marketing Group (AMG) .

Based in Coaldale, Alta., Phil’s practice focuses exclusively on cattle, something he is used to, having grown up on a feedlot near Vauxhall, Alta.

He earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine certification from the University of Saskatchewan (1982) and has been actively practicing ever since.

Having been involved with Ceylon since its inception in 2016, Phil set up the feedlot’s health protocols, monitors animal health on a routine basis and also provides crew training to Ceylon employees on updated best management practices.

In addition, he conducts data analysis on both live animals and carcasses, helping CGF receive the highest performance out of its animals.

Phil believes Ceylon is progressive and collaborative, something he says is encouraging to see in the feedlot industry. As a result of open dialogue, Phil believes the group is more productive and efficient in all areas of the feedlot, including low-stress cattle handling techniques, employee training and facility design.

Phil and his wife live on a farm outside of Coaldale, Alta. In their spare time they enjoy cross-country skiing and hiking in the Rocky Mountains and nearby parkland.