Luis Valencia

Luis Valencia is the General Manager of Ceylon Gap Feeders.

Luis grew up in a small city in Mexico and attended the University where he graduated in business administration. Even though he did not grow up on a farm, his home town Colima has a large cattle and agriculture presence, and in 1998 Luis started to get involved in agriculture.

Luis worked for companies which grew several fruits and vegetables, such as papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, corn, tomatoes and jalapenos peppers mostly for US markets.

He arrived in Canada in January of 2016 to study English, and after six months, he took a Business Administration Diploma at Lethbridge College. Throughout college he worked for our sister company Kasko Cattle Company as a pen checker and feed person.

Luis and his wife Liz, moved to Saskatchewan in December of 2018 with their 2 daughters, Ana and Fernanda to join Ceylon Gap Feeders and the community around it.

The best part about working at CGF for Luis is having the chance to learn every day, meet new people and share experiences. Usually the day goes by quickly for Luis, having the challenge to manage several crews at the feedlot. Luis believes that to be successful in any project, teamwork and hard work are key.

When he is not working at the yard, Luis and his family enjoy travelling, taking on new challenges, making new friends, and sharing their culture.