John Lawton

John Lawton is a third-generation producer and feedlot owner at Niton Junction, near Edson, Alta. A veteran of the feedlot business, John owns and operates Titan Livestock, a dynamic full-service cattle buying and risk management company.

John is from a rural background and has been working with cattle since 1978. After attending Olds College, John graduated with a diploma in Agricultural Production (1987) and began working at a family feedlot at Niton Junction.

By 1992, he began Titan Livestock and today the yard is regularly stocked with 9,000 head of cattle. In the early 2000s, John developed Linus7 Cattle Financial System, an online risk management program for North America’s cattle feeding industry.

He decided to expand his horizons into Saskatchewan with CGF to partner up with progressive, forward-thinking producers. As a primary investor, he’s excited about what CGF has done since opening its doors in 2016, including mill upgrades, improved drainage and greater animal comfort.

Not one to sit around, John has been involved with boards, as well. He was a longtime board member with the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association.

Away from the feedlot, John and his wife love to travel and explore foreign destinations.